Welcome to Cobalt Memories! This blog is an extension of my book Cobalt: The Legacy of the Blackbird Mine. Readers will find additional chapters on the town of Cobalt and its history. I have collected stories of the people that lived, worked and played in Cobalt until the town was sold at auction in 1987. A complete history of the Blackbird Mine and stories about life in the Blackbird canyon can be found in my book.

This blog will be expanded to include color photographs, videos and personal stories that were too long to put in the book. You can comment on your own Cobalt Memories in the comments. I have include an e-mail links on the book order form if you have questions or would like to submit Cobalt Memories for publication.

Cobalt: The Legacy of the Blackbird Mine can be purchased from the author for $14.95. See order link in the header above. My book covers the history of the Blackbird Mine from it’s discovery to its closure and cleanup as a super fund environmental disaster site.

The Full Table of Contents:

Mine History
The Blackbird District
Blackbird Camp and Early Days
Critical Minerals and the War Days
The Open Pit
The Struggle to Keep Mine Open
Noranda Days at the Blackbird
Environmental Restoration Begins
More Blackbird District Wealth

Cobalt, a Company Mining Town
Chapter One: Remembering Cobalt
Chapter Two: Steele Family at the Blackbird
Chapter Three: Living at the Blackbird
Chapter Four: The Early Days at the Blackbird
Chapter Five: The Summer of 1953 at the Blackbird
Chapters Six and beyond are on the Internet at Cobalt Memories.

Well, you have arrived at Chapter Six and the rest of my story and the stories of the people who built, lived, played, learned and died in Cobalt. Clicking on the Chapter category, in the right hand column, will take you to Chapter Six and all future chapters.

Let’s hear from you in the comments section.

The painting in the header is by Anne Hanna, my very talented sister-in-law. Her website with many more beautiful watercolors can be found here.

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