1. My name is bob Price, we moved to Cobalt in the late 40s and left in the early 50s. I was a young thing and don’t remember much, my sister Nancy, was a couple years older, and my brother Paul Price would have been about 10-12 years old and in school. My father was a mine engineer. I now live down the road from Russ Steele in Auburn, ca. area.

    • Wow! We should get together and share memories. I come to Auburn for Dr Appoinment four times a year, maybe we could have coffee or a coke sometime. Send me a note at rwsteele(at)gmail.com with your contact information.

  2. My name is Judy Ward Talbot, I lived in Cobalt from 1950 to 1959. Left there at the age of 10. My family and I moved to Idaho Falls, where I still reside. I have very fond memories of living there. Was a great place to grow in the formative years of my life.

    • Hi Judy, I remember you….well, at least I remember your photo in our class picture https://www.flickr.com/photos/rdpamrussell/3339809117/in/set-72157615005611712 I have such happy memories of our years in Cobalt and am so glad for the Internet for it is the only way we will be back in touch with one another after all these years. I now live in Fort Collins, Colorado with my husband, Bob Russell. He’s a native Coloradoan, but before that my family left Idaho and returned to Illinois where I finished out my schooling and finally in 1970 came back out west.

      • Pam,

        I sent your an e-mail about Cobalt Kids. Come and share your stories of Cobalt.


  3. I lived there a few years went to first and second grade. Please let me know if anyone remembers the Webb’s or the Lakes.1966

    • Hi Melinda.

      I hope someone answers you. We do not get much traffic on the site. I need to get busy and add some more chapter and photos.


  4. My name is Tom Miller and your name I cant recall. We moved from Stevensville Mt in the fall of 50 to Cobalt. Our house was first one next to the store. I was 7 at the time and thought I knew everything that went on in Cobalt lol. Loving your stories. I have so maney memories of that place. Fishing,panther cr====could catch a limit just between the bridges( this was before toxic crapp from the mine started flowing)had to go up above the blackbird cr after that, or down to Millers store 4 miles from town. A lot of walking and sucking up a lot of dust to go what I still like doing, fishing.

    • Tom,

      It was great to talk to you today and hope that you will share some of your stories with the rest of the readers of this blog. I need to get busy and ass some more chapters. Were you able to locate the pictures?

      • Hi Tom
        My name is Jim Conat I went into the navy with your brother i Think. His name is Charlie Miller. I lived across from the school.
        I returned to cobalt in 2002 and there was nothing left just a empty field, not a single building was left. Is charlie still alive.
        I now live in Ellijay,Ga

  5. Pam: How long since you were last there? Where are you now? I live in Idaho Falls.

    • John, I’ve only been back once and that was in 1988. It was a disappointing visit for I had hope to climb up to the water tank and take photos of the town but a guy came storming out of a house and told me I was trespassing and had to leave. I explained why I was there and how far I had driven so he agreed I could take a few photos from the road but could not do any exploring. Now I live in Fort Collins, Colorado. When were you last there?

  6. I lived in Cobalt from 52 to 59 (north end apartments). My father was the safety engineer. Ray Pendlebury, my uncle, was the accountant.

    • Hi John,
      I remember you! You were in my class and have a photo of you in our class picture with Mrs. Ford. Awesome to hear from you again after all these years.
      Pam Uknavage Russell

  7. Mike,

    Thanks for the comment and it was good to hear from you. i am still working on getting up more of your pictures. Should have more up this weekend. I am trying to learn enough video editing to post some video clips that I have collected. I have contacted a consultant that will help me. We just need to match up our schedules. Stay Tuned.

    As for promoting the site. Please share the URL with those that your know would be interested. There are people visiting according to the stat counter, they just do not comment.


  8. The Mike McDonald pictures came through great.
    Hope more people become aware of this site. I also have many more pictures some from the 1950’s also a video made in 1983 of a walk through of the old townsite. Any students from the Cobalt Elementary from 1950 – 1960+ please contact me. We need a reunion before we’re all gone! Mike McDonald

    • Hi Mike,
      I went to school in Cobalt from 1956-1958, and so did my brother. Our dad worked at the mine. I’ve often wished I could find an old classmate online.

      Pam Uknavage Russell

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