Posted by: cobaltmemories | April 22, 2013

Tom Miller Remembers

I received and nice letter form Tom Miller, following up on a phone call he made requesting a copy of my book. I asked if he could share some of his Cobalt Memories. Attached is a copy of his letter: Tom Miller’s Letter



  1. Russ and Tom Miller,

    Thanks for the pictures and the letter from Tom. I remember Albert Miller well. How’s he doing? Is their some way I could contact him? We also have a Facebook page for CobaltKids. Look it up and consider sharing Tom’s Letter with the kids and the great Pictures.

    My email is:, Phone: (208) 681-1527 We’re looking for more Cobalt Kids to set up a reunion, Photo/Memorabilia Album, etc. Thanks, Mike McDonald

    • Mike,

      Thanks for the message about the CobaltKids Facebook page. I submitted a request to join the group. I have copies of some Cobalt Blue Newsletter that I can share with the group. It will be a good jog to get me to scan them and post to Cobalt memories.

    • I no longer have fb cause it was causing computer problems but I still get mail at As for brother Al (albert) he lives in Hamilton Mt area and has a kettle corn business he takes south for the winter. He’ll be home at the end of this month. His cell is 1-406-375-5351. Hope you can reach him

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