Posted by: cobaltmemories | August 17, 2010

Uknavage Family Photos of Cobalt

Russ Steele

Pam Russell, has sent a link to some family photos of Cobalt. She has agreed to share them with the readers of Cobaltmemories. Link to Photos.

She writes:

Joe Uknavage and his family lived in the little mining town of Cobalt, Idaho from 1956-1959. Mike made a trip back in 1967 and took photographs. Joe and Judy Uknavage were there in 1972 for a Cobalt Reunion. Pam was there in 1988.



  1. I (Mike McDonald) lived in Cobalt from December 1951 through May 1957. I have many pictures of Cobalt some from the 50’s. I have a walk through video done in about 1983 of the townsite if anyone is interested. Would love to communicate with old classmates and friends from the era. I even have the PTA scrapbooks for the years 1951 thru 1957! My email is: Phone (208) 624-4862.

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