Posted by: cobaltmemories | March 21, 2010

McDonald’s Cobalt School Pictures

Russ Steele

I attended the fifth grade at the Cobalt school-house right after is was opened in the fall of 1950. My most vivid memory of the school-house is the book-case behind Mrs. Pence’s desk. This book-case served as the Cobalt Lending Library for many months. Mrs. Pence would send a letter to the Idaho State Library requesting books. We would write a note listing the books we wanted to read and leave it on her desk. She would request the book from the State Traveling Library. Also, Community Club bought books for the library and community members donated books, including as set of Encyclopedia Britannica.

It was a big event for me when the books arrived from the Traveling Library in Boise. Some times I was disappointed when the specific book I had requested did not come, but there was always something to read.

After the school-house was finished it also served was the community center. Each Sunday church services were held in the school-house, including Sunday school for the children.  Multiple denominations used the school for church services including the Mormons.  The current emphasis on the separation of church and state would most likely prevent the use of a school-house for church services, if anyone cared.

Monthly dances were planned and held in the school-house. Each dance had a theme, Valentine’s Day, Fireman’s Ball, Halloween, etc. The music was often provided by local band members, using the school piano and members own instruments. Community plays and talent shows were also held at the school-house. It was the community social center until the Rec Hall was built in and opened in the fall of 1955.

Here are some pictures of the school house, it is sad to see it in such disrepair. McDonald:


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