Posted by: cobaltmemories | March 13, 2010

Mike McDonald’s Photos

During our book tour in Salmon last summer, Mike McDonald shared some of his Cobalt and Blackbird Mine pictures with the Lemhi County Historical Society and Museum. Ellen and I scanned his pictures for the Museum and keep a copy for this blog.

I have been struggling to find a method,  with this version of WordPress, to create photo albums for Mike’s pictures.  To create photo albums I need a dedicated WordPress site, which would add more complexity that I am not ready for right now.  In the interim, I am going to post the pictures on my Mac Mobile Me Insightworks account, with links from this blog.

I am organizing the photos by subject, with an introductory paragraph, As a test I have uploaded some picture of the Blackbird taken in October 1987 by Mike McDonald.  Let me know if you have problems accessing the the photos at:

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. More pictures to follow if this works.



  1. Every time I try to open the pictures the “Mobile Me Is Closed”. When is it open or is there some way to open it?

    Russ Replies: Sorry for the problem viewing the pictures. I Apple had closed mobile me and I have to find another host for the photos and then update the site. I hope this coming weekend.

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