Posted by: cobaltmemories | March 13, 2010


Some good economic news for Lemhi County. This arrive in my email box on the 27th of February 2010.

Formation Capital Corporation has started construction on the Idaho Cobalt Project. Details in this Thursday, February 25, 2010, Press Release.

“Commencing Stage I of construction of the mine will keep the overall schedule on-track, with initial production expected in the first or second quarter of 2011”, stated Bill Scales, President of the Company. “The past several weeks have been spent assessing the project schedule, scope of work, budget and tendering requests for quotations for project contracts. We are pleased to announce that Dahle Construction, a local heavy construction contractor, has been awarded the contract for timber clearing. Work on the project is currently underway.”

“The first stage of construction consists of timber clearing for the crusher and concentrator site, tailings and waste rock storage facility, topsoil stock pile area and road areas around the mill site,” stated Guy Jeske, General Manager of the ICP. He continued, “Timber clearing in winter conditions is preferable since the frozen ground helps reduce environmental impacts.”

Stage II will see facility construction and mine development fully underway and is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2010. Stage III allows for mine development below the water table and is slated to commence later in the year.


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