Posted by: russcobalt | August 2, 2009

Salmon High Graduate Returns to Salmon for a Book Signing

Russell Steele graduated from Salmon High School in 1957. He was living in Cobalt at the time and boarded with the LaMunyan family.  His mother Margaret, father Bert, and two brothers Bob and Ron lived in Cobalt twice, once from 1949 to 1952 and again from 1956 to 1957.  Having formed a long term relationship with Lemhi County, Salmon, Cobalt, and the Blackbird Mine, Russ has just published a book titled Cobalt: Legacy of the Blackbird Mine.

Russ will be at the Lemhi County Historical Society and Museum on Wednesday the 12th of August for a book signing.  You can purchase a book from the Museum, and Russ will autograph the book with a personal message of your choice.

This unique book covers the chronologic history of the Blackbird Mine, starting with the discovery of copper by a native american indian, ending with clean up of the environmental damage created by human activity in the canyon. Another section covers Russ’ memories of growing up at the Blackbird mine and in the small town of Cobalt.

This is a hybrid book, with the mine history and early adventures of living at the mine in paper form, with on going chapters, more pictures, and video clips published on the Internet.  He would like to hear if you have a story to contribute to the Legacy of the Blackbird mine, which can be published at Cobaltmemories, Russ’s online web log.



  1. Russ, Just looked at the album you uploaded and it looks really good. Thank you so much. Love to you, Ellen and Harper!

  2. Russ, Bob and I have so enjoyed renewing acquaintance and getting to know Ellen in the past few years when you began researching information for your book. The book signing at the Lemhi County Museum was such a special day visiting with former residents and classmates from Cobalt. Right on and great job!

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